Carbon Smart Buildings
Hong Kong buildings consume a massive 89% of the SAR’s electricity and make a sizeable contribution to greenhouse gas emissions. Retrofitting is the answer, but designing the optimal retrofit raises a myriad of questions.  Recognizing these challenges, the Climate Change Business Forum (CCBF) set out to tackle the toughest part of the problem: energy inefficiency in Hong Kong’s commercial building stock.
Every Building a Powerhouse, published by CCBF in 2010, analyzed 29 energy conservation, generation and storage technologies with the potential to substantially reduce carbon and energy use in Hong Kong’s existing commercial building stock.
The promise of this report inspired further inquiry to identify technologies with the greatest impact. Carbon Smart Buildings(CSB) started by computer simulations to pinpoint those technologies combining cost effectiveness, carbon efficiency and fit with local needs.
The below summary report draws from data amassed from trials of the key technologies in Hong Kong commercial buildings. Its primary aim is help landlords make informed, practical investment decisions to upgrade their buildings’ energy performance. It can also guide tenants in planning and negotiating green office space. 

All results and recommendations presented in this report were obtained from trials carried in existing building in Hong Kong. The recommendations are designed to inform the business case and increase uptake of effective building efficiency technologies in Hong Kong’s commercial building stock.


For details on the studies and the findings please refer to the main technical report (below).

Available dowloads:
CSB Study Powerpoint Presentations