Low-Carbon Economy for Hong Kong: Sector Regulations Paper
This report advises that Hong Kong set a carbon reduction target, and put in place the legal and regulatory structure to achieve it. CCBF sees developing a low-energy, high-productivity, increasingly livable urban sphere as vital to Hong Kong’s future.  To this end, CCBF commissioned this forward thinking report to prompt and inform a crucial public dialogue.  The report assesses climate change regulations coming into force around the world and makes both economy-wide and sector-specific recommendations for Hong Kong. The Sector Regulations Report is also complimented by a legal analysis, which outlines how recommendations could be incorporated into the existing regulatory framework.

Key recommendations include:

  • Adoption of a carbon reduction target for Hong Kong;
  • Implementation of a Voluntary Carbon Registry to encourage greenhouse gas (GHG) disclosure and reduction; and
  • In the medium term, provisions for mandatory disclosure on carbon risks and liabilities.


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‘Cities which are environmentally resilient, and energy efficient, will be economically more secure. So we need a smart goal – a stretch target with smart policies and incentives to get us there.’


Mr. Tony Tyler, Chairman of the CCBF Executive Committee. 


The research launch event featured:


Research Authors:

  • Mr. Liam Salter, Managing Director, RESET
  • Mr. Christopher Tung, Partner, K&L Gates

Opening Speaker: Mr. Tony Tyler – Chief Executive of Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. & CCBF Executive Chair



  • Dr. Jeanne Ng – Group Environment Director, CLP Holdings Ltd
  • Mr. Tony Tyler – Chief Executive of Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. & CCBF Executive Chair
  • Mr. Cary Chan – Head of Technical Services and Sustainability, Swire Properties Ltd.
  • Ms. Teresa Au – Head of Corporate Sustainability, Asia Pacific Region, HSBC
  • Moderator: Hon. CY Leung – CCBF Patron Chair

Hong Kong Government Representative – Ms. Vivian Lau, Deputy Secretary for the Environment


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